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"Where to find Information Security Policies - How to Deliver Them!"

The SOS Interactive Policy is an extremely powerful information security product. It is equipped with a host of features:

  • A series of computer ĎDesktopí tools, each of which is available from a userís workstation or laptop

  • A system which identifies the key Information Security Issues and then the appropriate responses / safeguards to those threats; all in 'non technical' language.

  • An Online information service which informs, guides and provides training

  • A comprehensive database of ready made (but amendable) Information Security Policies delivered, in context, through SOS, directly to each userís desktop.

  • Specific and focussed guidance to help establish an appropriate Information Security capability within your organisation

  • A range of diagrams, forms, procedures and registers, available instantly to all, as and when needed

  • A comprehensive Glossary and Reference

  • A systems which provides comprehensive coverage of ISO 17799

It's scope and coverage is equally impressive.... it includes:

  • Management and organisation of information security

  • Securing hardware, peripherals and other equipment

  • Controlling access to information and systems

  • Processing information and documents

  • Purchasing and maintaining commercial software

  • Developing and maintaining in-house software

  • Combating cyber crime

  • Complying with legal and policy requirements

  • Planning for business continuity

  • Addressing personnel issues relating to security

  • Controlling e-commerce information security

  • Delivering training and staff awareness

  • Dealing with premises related considerations

  • Detecting and responding to information security incidents

  • Classifying information and data

  • Risk Assessment procedures

  • Duties and responsibilities of the Information Security Officer

The following presentation gives a detailed overview of the SOS Interactive Policy (RUsecure) offering.

Why not download the demo/evaluation copy and try it for yourself?

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