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"Where to find Information Security Policies - How to Deliver Them!"

Having a security policy document in itself is not enough.... the contents MUST be delivered effectively to have the desired results. This is often easier said than done!

The most popular emerging method of delivering information security policies is via the users desktop. This carries many benefits, including:

  • Instant availability for the user

  • Familiar navigation interface.. using Windows, search facilities, etc

  • The potential to use the power of a PC to make the experience richer and more productive fopr the user

  • Delivery of various forms of support and help simply not possible with standard documentation

A system utilising all these benefits is SOS Interactive Policy, designed specifically to ensure efficient delivery of security policies. It also embraces the actual policies described in the last segment.

This product delivers security policies directly to the users desktop in an effective and sometimes entertaining way. It includes various optional facilites (security glossary, procedures, forms, etc) and attempts to make the message directly relevant to their day to day activities. Critically, the policies within are fully customisable.

The following presentation gives a detailed overview of the RUsecure offering.

Why not download the demo/evaluation copy and try it for yourself?

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